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Is LinkedIn Premium Job Seeker Worth It?

If you’re on LinkedIn, you may have heard of LinkedIn Premium. Is it worth getting, even if you’re a job seeker? Let’s have a look at ti in this article.

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What To Write In A Performance Review To Get A Great Result

Performance reviews – some of us like doing them, some of us don’t. It’s a part of our working lives. Usually every year, our company needs us to write or deliver a review of what we have done over the

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A Recap of 2011 And What’s Coming in 2012

Hey everyone! First, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has been visiting my site and reading my posts, and those who have taken the next step to add me on Facebook or Twitter or

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10 Tips on How To Improve Your IT Career

So you work in IT, but you want to know how to improve your IT career? You’d like to know how you can stand out from all of the other people who work in the IT industry? Well, there are

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