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What Is The System Analyst Job Description?

Have you heard of the “System Analyst” job title? Perhaps you are a System Analyst and want to find out what the actual description is. Learn what the system analyst job description is in this article.

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Business Requirements Document Template and Explanation

A lot of the questions I get asked, both on the site here and at my job, is about document templates. One of the more common templates is the Business Requirements Document template. I’ve created one for you to download

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What Are The Different Types of Software Testing?

Software testing is a major part of the software development process. As part of the testing phase, there are a lot of tests that are run against a change or a new piece of software, each with different names and

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How To Run A Requirements Gathering Workshop

Running a requirements gathering workshop is a job that you might come across in your career. These kinds of meetings are different to a regular meeting, and need to be run in a different way. Learn some tips on how

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How A Chinese Visa Travel Disaster Helped My IT Career

A couple of years ago I had an issue while I was travelling, which could have left me on the streets of Malaysia with no money and nowhere to stay for a week. I learnt a few things from that

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6 Effective Business Analyst Techniques For Requirements Gathering

Requirements gathering is the main objective of a business analyst. This can often be done with one-on-one interviews, but there are many other ways you can gather requirements from a user base. Let’s take a look at some effective business

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The Choice of Programming vs Networking Career

The choice of two of the largest fields within IT – programming vs networking – can be a tough one for those of you starting out in the IT industry. They are both at oppostive ends of the IT spectrum

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What Is A Technical Business Analyst?

You might have heard the term “technical business analyst” before. What is it? What do they do? How are they different from a normal business analyst? Read on to find out more about this role in the IT industry.

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10 Tips On How To Write Good Requirements

Learning how to write good requirements is an important step in many IT professional careers. If you’re working as a business analyst, it’s one of your core skills. If you’re working in other roles, learning to recognise and improve requirements

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Five Tips To Write A Great Requirements Analysis Document

A Requirements Analysis Document is an important part of any IT project. It’s the main deliverable as part of the requirements analysis phase, and is one of the first to define what the IT project is actually about. Let’s take

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