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A Comparison of Software Roles to Building Roles

Software development is often compared to the building and construction industry. In this article, I’ll make a direct comparison between the roles on a house building site to those in a software development team.

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I’m Creating a Web App!

So, I’ve decided to create a web-based application. I’m announcing it on CITP for a few reasons. Read on to find out what it is and why I’m doing it.

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Why Working Overtime Is Good For Your Career

Working as a software developer means you will most likely, at some point, need to work overtime. I think this is a good thing, and I explain why, in this article.

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What To Do If You Know You’re Going To Miss A Project Deadline

Project deadlines are very common for software developers. We are often working on projects, writing code to make an application from scratch, or to improve an existing application. As part of this project, deadlines have been set. And sometimes we

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What Are The Different Types of Software Testing?

Software testing is a major part of the software development process. As part of the testing phase, there are a lot of tests that are run against a change or a new piece of software, each with different names and

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How Senior Managers Think And Why You Need To Know

As an IT professional, a lot of the work you do is approved or endorsed by the senior management team in the company. They have the ability to approve the budgets and proposals for projects. It’s a good idea to

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How to Handle Getting Kicked Off a Project

Just recently I was moved off a project that I was working on at work. How should this have been handled? Let me share a few tips in this article.

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3 Steps For Starting a Business Analyst Job and Don’t Know Where To Start

Are you starting a business analyst job but don’t know where to start? It can be overwhelming at the beginning. Learn some tips on how to get started in this article.

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How To Write A Requirement Analysis Document

Writing a requirement analysis document is something you might need to do as part of your job. Depending on your role in the project, you have different parts to play in preparing this document. Learn a few tips on how

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Agile Terms Listed And Explained

The Agile software development methodology includes many terms that are unfamiliar to those who haven’t been involved in these kinds of projects before. Learn what some of these are in this article.

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