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A Guide to Test Driven Development

Have you heard of the term “test driven development”? If you’ve worked in software development before, you’ve probably heard someone mention it. In this article, I’ll explain what it is, and how to do it.

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What Is The Software Testing Life Cycle?

There is a software testing life cycle, or software testing process, that is followed in many organisations and many IT departments when it comes to releasing software. Learn more about it in this article.

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What Is The SDLC Life Cycle And Who Is Involved?

The SDLC Life Cycle, or just the SDLC as it’s known, is the process of developing software to meet a need or solve a problem. This life cycle involves quite a few steps. Learn about what they are in this

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Agile Terms Listed And Explained

The Agile software development methodology includes many terms that are unfamiliar to those who haven’t been involved in these kinds of projects before. Learn what some of these are in this article.

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What Is The Best Eclipse Version Control System?

If you’re using Eclipse, the popular Java IDE, you should be using a version control system. But which one should you use? Learn about the options and my recommendation in this article.

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What Is Manual Testing?

What is manual testing? It’s a part of software development, but what exactly is it? Find out in this article.

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What Are The Different Development Environments?

In the IT world, there are many different development environments that are used, and each of them serve their own purpose. What are they? Why are they needed? Find out more about them in this article.

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Software Release Management: What You Need To Know

Software release management is something that many companies follow. As a junior IT professional, this process can be hard to understand. Why do we need releases? What happens in a release? Learn more about this process in this article.

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6 Tips To Become A Great Agile Business Analyst

Becoming a business analyst in an agile environment is different to a traditional business analyst. An agile business analyst works in a different kind of team with different kinds of roles. Learn how to become a great agile business analyst

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What To Expect During Your First Week In An IT Job

The first week of your new IT job will take some getting used to. Getting through the first day can be a challenge, but after that it gets easier. You do get more work, but there are a lot of

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