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Is LinkedIn Premium Job Seeker Worth It?

If you’re on LinkedIn, you may have heard of LinkedIn Premium. Is it worth getting, even if you’re a job seeker? Let’s have a look at ti in this article.

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How To Find The Path To Your Ideal Job In The IT Industry

One of the most popular questions that I’ve gotten on Complete IT Professional over the years is how do I become a <role>, where <role> is any kind of role in the IT industry. I’ve written a few articles on

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Seven Powerful Places You Can Find Programming Jobs Right Now

Finding programming jobs can be hard – endless browsing of job sites can often lead you with no results. There are some other ways you can find jobs as a programmer, though. I’ve listed seven places that you can find

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9 Reasons Why You Won’t Hear Back After That Job Interview

You’ve had the interview, which went really well. You left on good terms, and they said they would get back to you in two weeks. It’s been much longer, and you haven’t had any response. Why? What happened? There are

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7 Things That Should Be On Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for contacting like-minded people, connecting with other people in your industry, and showcasing your skills and experience on your profile. To highlight your own profile and make yourself stand out, there are a few things

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50 Awesome Career Tips For IT Professionals

The IT industry is a large field, and as a result, it can be hard to stand out from the rest of the people in the industry. There are some things you can do to improve your career, improve the

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How To Find IT Consulting Jobs

So you’ve decided to make the move into IT consulting? As an IT consultant myself, I can tell you it’s an interesting career and is quite challenging and rewarding. However, the process to get an IT consulting job can be

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How To Get A Job In IT

Learning how to get a job in IT is no easy feat. Whether you’re a fresh graduate straight out of university, have just finished high school and are looking for another kind of entry-level position, or you’ve had some experience

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How To Evaluate IT Job Opportunities

Landing a fulfilling new job in the technology industry can be a challenging prospect. But, as difficult as it is to navigate the intricacies of various interview processes, finding the right IT jobs to interview and apply for may be

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How To Start An IT Career When You’re Over 50

A common problem in the IT industry (and the job market in general) is how people closer to retirement age find new jobs. I’ve been asked a few times how you can start an IT career when you’re over 50.

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