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How to Start an SQL Developer Debug Session

The debug feature of any IDE is an important and commonly used feature. Learn how to use the SQL Developer debug feature in this article.

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15 Tips on How to Have a Positive Attitude at Work

Being positive at work can be hard sometimes. Your project is behind, you have to work extra hours, the client is hard to deal with, and some of your team members aren’t working as hard. Keeping a positive attitude at

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Managing Up – What It Is and How to Do It

Managing up is a concept that is thrown around a bit in the office. I didn’t know what it was until someone explained it to me, so I’ll explain it to you here and provide some tips on how to

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10 Tips on How to Deal with a Micromanaging Boss

Have you ever had a micromanaging boss? Someone who just kept checking up on you, telling you how to do your work, and didn’t leave you alone? Learn how to deal with this kind of manager in this article.

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A Guide to Test Driven Development

Have you heard of the term “test driven development”? If you’ve worked in software development before, you’ve probably heard someone mention it. In this article, I’ll explain what it is, and how to do it.

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How to Impress Your Boss for a Promotion

Are you trying to get a promotion at work? One of the big things you’ll need to do to get a promotion is to impress your boss, and show them you deserve it. Learn a few ways on how to

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20 Things Every Computer Science Graduate Should Know Before Starting a Job

You’ve completed your Computer Science degree and have got yourself a job. Well done! Welcome to the real world! Now, there are a few things you should know before starting your first day, which I’ve listed in this article.

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How To Keep Calm at Work

As part of your job in the IT industry, there will no doubt be times that you will get annoyed and stressed. Learn how to keep calm at work with some tips in this article.

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How To Explain Complicated Topics To Your Manager

As a software developer, the major part of your role involves code. However, there may be times where you need to explain highly technical or complicated concepts or issues to your manager. I’ll explain a few tips on how to explain

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How To Stay Focused at Work

Have you ever had trouble focusing at work? Did you find yourself getting distracted? It happens to all of us. I share some tips on how to stay focused at work in this article.

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