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3 Interview Questions Most People Are Not Prepared For

Everyone knows about the common and much feared interview question that probes you for your greatest weakness, but what are some other questions that you might have to answer that can also make you sweat?

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How To Find The Path To Your Ideal Job In The IT Industry

One of the most popular questions that I’ve gotten on Complete IT Professional over the years is how do I become a <role>, where <role> is any kind of role in the IT industry. I’ve written a few articles on

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How To Be Taken More Seriously as a Programmer

Do you find that, as a programmer, you’re not taken very seriously? Do you find that people think you just write code and nothing else? Well, you can change that. I’ll show you how you can be taken more seriously

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How To Work Overtime Without Being Taken Advantage Of

Working overtime is quite common as a software developer. Doing overtime without it being taken for granted by your employer is tricky, though.

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7 Tips for How To Be More Professional

Being professional at work is something that I think we should all do. It can help improve your career as people take you more seriously. Learn how you can be more professional in this article.

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What Does a Business Analyst Do?

A business analyst plays an important part in a project team. Find out what a business analyst does in this article.

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How To Understand Normalization in DBMS With Examples

Normalization is a concept that can be hard to understand, but all database developers and administrators understand the importance of it. Learn about normalization in DBMS and why it’s used.

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5 Steps For How to Become a Software Tester

A career as a software tester can be rewarding and is a big part of a software development project. Learn how to become a software tester in this article.

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How to Install and Set Up Oracle Database on Your PC

In this post, I’ll explain how to download, install, and set up an Oracle Database on your own computer.

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6 Ways To Improve Your Development Team Meetings

Do you regularly go to meetings with your software development team? Do you feel like they could be better? Learn some tips on how to make them better in this article.

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