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What’s The Best Format Of A Resume For An IT Career?

At some stage in your IT career, you’ll need to write a resume. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re looking for a new job after some time in the industry, getting to know what the best format of a

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What Is ITIL Certification?

ITIL is a common framework in the IT industry, but a lot of us don’t know what it means, or even what the certifications can do for us. Learn more about the ITIL certification in this post.

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How To Convince Your Employer To Pay For Your Certification

Are you thinking about getting a certification, but you’d like your employer to pay for it? They don’t always do this automatically. Here’s a few tips on how to convince your employer to pay for your certification.

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5 Tips For A Fresh Graduate Looking For A Job

After you graduate from college or university, the next big step is to find a job. If you’ve just finished your degree, finding a job may seem like it’s an easy task in comparison. However, it does take a lot

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Should You Get A Masters In Computer Science?

A Master’s in Computer Science is an option for all of you who have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. But is it really worth getting? Let’s have a look into the pros and cons of getting a masters.

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What’s The Best Way To Learn Java?

Java programming is a hot skill in the IT market. New technologies and new languages are being developed every so often, but Java evolves with the times and is still very much a relevant language today. If you didn’t get

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How To Find Areas Of Improvement At Work

If you’re working in the IT industry as a software developer or other kind of software professional, you’ll eventually need to consider how to improve at work. This could be through a performance review, or maybe your boss has asked

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How Can Programmers Learn A New Programming Language?

Every now and then, programmers will need to learn a new programming language. There are many ways to do this. As you’re a programmer, and because you have programming experience, there might be a different method for you. Let’s take

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8 Real Life Habits That We Can Learn From Programming

The skill of software programming is one that takes a lot of learning, practice, and passion. Some of us are new to programming, and many have years of experience. Getting some experience in programming can teach you a few habits

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How To Learn SQL Online

Learning SQL online is a great way to learn this language. As IT professionals, we spend a lot of time online anyway, and for some of us, it’s an easy way to learn new things. Let’s take a look at

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