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185 Software Development Acronyms

In the world of software development, we use and see a lot of acronyms. In this article, I’ve listed a lot of common acronyms, along with definitions, which can help your understanding in the workplace.

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What Is ITSM and What Does It Mean for Software Developers?

Have you heard of the term ITSM? Do you have some vague understanding of it being some kind of service desk process? Well, there’s more to it than that. Learn what ITSM is and how it impacts you as a

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Evernote – A Better Way To Take Notes At Work

I’ve been using Evernote for a while to take notes at work, and I’d like to share how it has improved my working life and how you can benefit from it.

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Business Requirements Document Template and Explanation

A lot of the questions I get asked, both on the site here and at my job, is about document templates. One of the more common templates is the Business Requirements Document template. I’ve created one for you to download

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How To Earn More Than The Average Business Analyst Salary

Business analyst roles vary in experience and salary. If you’re interested in earning more than the average business analyst salary, find out how in this article.

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What Is A Technical Writing Certification And Should I Get One?

Technical writing is a field of the IT industry that isn’t mentioned a lot, but skills in this area are quite valuable. Read about technical writing certifications and what they can do for you in this article.

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4 Tips For Getting Document Signoff

Getting your documents signed off is an important task in any software project. However, this may take time for some people to do. Learn some tips for getting them signed off in this article.

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3 Steps For Starting a Business Analyst Job and Don’t Know Where To Start

Are you starting a business analyst job but don’t know where to start? It can be overwhelming at the beginning. Learn some tips on how to get started in this article.

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How To Write A Requirement Analysis Document

Writing a requirement analysis document is something you might need to do as part of your job. Depending on your role in the project, you have different parts to play in preparing this document. Learn a few tips on how

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A Simple Way To Know Where To Put Certifications On A Resume

As an IT professional, we have the ability to gain certifications to help improve our career. There will come a point where you need to add them to your resume. Where do you put them? Learn where to put certifications

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