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What To Do If You Know You’re Going To Miss A Project Deadline

Project deadlines are very common for software developers. We are often working on projects, writing code to make an application from scratch, or to improve an existing application. As part of this project, deadlines have been set. And sometimes we

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How Senior Managers Think And Why You Need To Know

As an IT professional, a lot of the work you do is approved or endorsed by the senior management team in the company. They have the ability to approve the budgets and proposals for projects. It’s a good idea to

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5 of My Favourite Career Tips From Spiceworks

There’s a lot of career advice out there for all kinds of professions, including those of us who work in IT. I’ve found a great list of career tips, and I thought I’d share what my favourite pieces of advice

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5 Tips To Set A Good Out Of Office Message

Whenever you know you’re going to be out of the office, it’s always a good idea to set up what’s called an Out of Office message, so people know that you’re away. Learn some tips on setting a good out

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How Approachable Body Language At Work Can Improve Your Career

Being more approachable at work is a good skill to learn. It’s not something that’s really taught, but you can really tell the difference between those who are approachable and those who aren’t. Learn how you can use approachable body

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10 Tips For Writing Professional Text Messages

With all the different communication methods that we use in our job, sometimes we need to send a simple SMS to someone to get a result. If you’re sending a professional text message for work, though, it should be different

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8 Basic Presentation Skills New IT Professionals Need To Know

You’re a star programmer. You’ve got a job. But, now you need to give a presentation? As in, talk to people about something at work? They didn’t teach this in school! Don’t worry, I’ve listed a few basic presentation skills

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How To Email Someone You Haven’t Met – And Get A Response

There are many times in our career where we need to contact someone we haven’t met. A lot of the time this is via email. Sure, we can always call them, which is a good option as well, but sometimes

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6 Tips To Become A Great Agile Business Analyst

Becoming a business analyst in an agile environment is different to a traditional business analyst. An agile business analyst works in a different kind of team with different kinds of roles. Learn how to become a great agile business analyst

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7 Important Business Analyst Skills

There are many skills that a business analyst needs to be great at their job. In this article, I’ll go over what I think are the top seven skills that allow good business analysts to stand out from the rest.

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