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7 Tips for How To Be More Professional

Being professional at work is something that I think we should all do. It can help improve your career as people take you more seriously. Learn how you can be more professional in this article.

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3 Great Ideas For Goals To Put On Your Performance Review

Filling out your performance review can be both an exciting and daunting task. Most of us need to fill it out every year, and it usually contains a section on goals for the upcoming period (usually a year). In this

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3 Reasons Why We Should Help Users As Much As We Can

An important part of any IT project is the users. As a software professional on the project, whether that is a business analyst, tester, or a developer, we have some kind of interaction with the users. It’s a good idea

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15 Tips For An Outstanding First Day Of A New IT Job

You’ve got a new IT job. It’s your first full-time job in the industry. You really want to do well on your first day. The first day isn’t that hard to get through. There are a few things you can

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What Harvey Specter from Suits Can Teach Us About Career Advancement

Harvey Specter, the star lawyer from the TV show Suits, is near the top of his profession. He’s very good at what he does. But what do hot-shot lawyers and IT professionals have in common? We can learn a few

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Three Tips To Become More Approachable As An IT Professional

Being approachable is an underrated quality to have as an IT professional. it may depend on your role, but many IT professionals are relied upon for advice and help with tasks. This could be from people working under you, your

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How To Deal With Interruptions As An IT Professional

Interruptions happen to all of us. We get phone calls, people coming up to our desk, and meetings to go to. This can take up a significant amount of time. Wouldn’t it be better if we got no interruptions and

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How To Become A Software Development Team Leader

The natural progression of a software developer is into a software development team leader role. Is this what you want to do? Do you have a desire to lead a team of software developers, but you’re not sure how? Have

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What Is Non-Verbal Communication, And How Can It Help Me?

Non-verbal communication is an important part of communication. It’s not talked about very often – much of the focus on communication is on speaking skills. However, learning what non-verbal communication is, and how it can help you, will be yet

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How To Impress Your Boss

Most of us who work in the IT industry work under a boss. Working under someone has its benefits – someone to manage our workload and provide direction for our long-term projects and tasks. However, to get ahead in your

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