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Your IT Career Questions Answered #1

I’ve had a few questions recently about IT careers and career advice, so I’ve put together this post to answer some of them. Maybe you’re having the same issues, or have similar questions, so you might be able to benefit

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Which Windows 7 Certification Should I Get?

With the recent changes in Microsoft’s certification structure, it can be hard to work out which certifications are changing and which ones are still useful. Windows 7 is one of the most popular operating systems at the moment and there is still

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How To Get A Red Hat Linux Certification

So, you’re thinking of getting a Linux certification, but not sure how? Don’t worry, it’s a common question. I’ve written this post to help answer some of the questions you may have in this area.

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How To Get Your SQL Certification

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most widely used database technologies in the IT industry. Many companies are looking for IT professionals with SQL Server knowledge and experience. This means, as an IT professional, if you have any experience

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How To Become A System Administrator

A system administrator is an important part of the IT department in any company. They are respected, well paid, and even have a national day named after them! Find out how to become a system administrator in this article.

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Careers In The IT Industry

There are a lot of careers in the IT industry, and it can be confusing to know what they are and tell them apart. If you’re thinking about what kind of IT career you’d like, an outline of these career

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