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You may have realised there are a LOT of IT certifications in the industry.

Companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Red Hat, and many others all provide certifications for IT professionals.

Don't you wish you had all the information you needed, in a single place, for every certification you've thought about getting to advance your IT career?


After years of experience in the IT industry, and tons of research into the world of IT certifications,

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The All-In-One Guide to IT Certification

An instantly downloadable eBook that answers your IT Certification questions!


Are You Looking For An IT Career, But You’re Not Sure Where To Start?

Not sure which certification you should obtain first? Which certifications lead into other certifications and which ones apply to which job roles?

Well, this eBook will aim to answer those questions by:

  • Outlining the certifications from the major certification providers – Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, Red Hat, ISC2
  • Providing information on what experience is required
  • Suggested job roles for passing the certification
  • Alternative certification information – similar certifications you could get instead
  • Detailing and diagramming the next steps after passing a certification – everything from the CCENT to CCIE, CompTIA’s A+ to ISC2’s CISSP, and many more!


Do You Have A Few IT Certifications, But Not Sure Which Direction To Take?

Do you wish you know which certifications are related? Which certifications to take in what order?

This eBook will aim to answer those questions as well:

  • Providing requirements before obtaining a certification
  • Suggesting alternative certifications to each one
  • Full diagrams for each provider
  • Diagrams central to each certification – which certifications lead in, which ones to obtain next


Already Have A Few IT Certifications, But Want To Enhance Your Existing Knowledge In Your Specialty?

Great! Use this guide to help you:

  • Find related certifications
  • Determine the requirements for each certification
  • See what the recommended order of obtaining certifications is


"Why Should I Get This Guide? Can't I Just Look For The Information On The Internet?"


Good question.

How many IT certifications are in the IT industry?There are a lot.

You could go and gather the information you need to compare certifications, analyse the requirements, see what the next steps are and make an assessment based on your career.

How long would that take?

Do you have time to do that?

Wouldn’t you rather just have one complete guide, right in front of you, only a few clicks away?

We've developed this guide which aims to be the most comprehensive, information-packed resource for allowing IT professionals to compare certifications and analyse which ones are right for them.


"Why Should I Get This Guide?"


Well, why should you get this guide? Let me go through some of the reasons I think you should getting this guide.

Two Hundred And Thirty One Pages of IT certification information to help you make a decision on which IT certification to get.

Salary Survey Results, relating job roles to certifications and their impacts on salaries.

Certification information from major providers such as Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Red Hat and ISC2.

Diagrams for each provider, including how all of their certifications relate to each other


You Also Get This Bonus Material!

In addition to this massive certification guide, you also get these bonus materials!

  • A chart that shows each certification and how it matches to each job role – over 120 certifications and 79 job roles!
  • Full diagrams in separate files for the relationships between certifications for each provider
  • An extract of the guide that contains short summaries of each certification in a single file!


Plus – The Most Amazing Bonus of All

Information Technology is a constantly changing world. Certifications come and go frequently, and aligning them to demand in the marketplace is a big challenge for providers. Some certifications are retired, some are introduced, others are changed.

The last thing I want is to provide a guide that is relevant right now, but in 6 or 12 or 24 months time, it’s not so relevant, because the providers have changed their certifications.

Which is why, I’m offering as part of this guide – FREE updates for the life of the certification guide!

Yes, that’s right – FREE FUTURE UPDATES!

Every time a new edition is published – which will most likely be every year – you will receive a copy absolutely free!
You only need to pay for the guide once, to get this great guide on IT certifications for the future!


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