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What’s Complete IT Professional All About?

tie4 jpegGetting started in the IT industry can be pretty hard. You’ve graduated from college or university, got some good marks, and now you’re starting out in the world of software.

It doesn’t matter what kind of role you’re getting in to. Software development, software testing, business analysis, database development, application support. Working in these fields is a big change from studying them at college, and there’s a lot to know about the IT industry if you want to get ahead in your career.

That’s where Complete IT Professional comes in. I enjoy providing useful information, sharing advice, and giving resources to help YOU get ahead in your career. It doesn’t matter if you are a recent graduate from college or university looking to get a job in the IT industry, or have graduated and working at your first job, we can all benefit from career advice.


I’ve been helping people improve their careers for a few years. See what they have to say:

– “I never miss any article of yours. Thank you.” – Natalie

– “Your positive attitude has had a terrific influence on my life and your insights, mastery into my request shown I am with the right person.” – Kayode

– “As someone that has been interested in the IT world and its development, I have to say that this is one of the better sites out there. I am impressed with the articles, products and resources that it offers in an easy to follow format…great job!” – Nada

I’ve been in the software industry for some time, and have learnt a couple of things, but I’ve made a few mistakes too. I’d like to share these lessons and tips on this site, so that you don’t make the same mistakes.

If you’re looking for a job or currently employed in the software field (roles such as software development, testing, project management, business analysis, application support, database development, architecture, etc) and you’re interested in advancing your career in the IT industry, sign up to my email newsletter below.

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